Thoughtful gifts to mail to friends and loved ones

What is the one thing that all of us never leave home without. What is the thing that is "attached" to us at all times, and what is the thing that we touch and check a billion times a day... yip.. its our cell phones.. right?

So if you are looking for a beautiful affordable and unique gift for someone and you like the idea of them thinking of you every time they look at their phone.. you get the drift.. this is a good gift idea.

It might be for your kids, you best friends, your beloved family that lives far away or it might be a client that you are working with or a potential client that you are trying to work with.

Our Metal Sticky Phone and Laptop Charms are a great gift option at only $12.50 for the set and free shipping.

A caring gift

An affordable gift

A great marketing tool

Easy to ship

Reusable and Easily removeable

Super visible and not gimmicky! (they will think of you without it looking like an advertising ploy)

SO.. lets discuss how we can make this work for Valentines Day ( or any day actually) Yes, if you order ASAP

we can get it to you in time and we can also ship directly to your clients or loved ones in time too.

Step 1:

Choose the charm set you love the most

Step 2:

Purchase right here on our own web site

Step 3: wait for the excited call from your peeps, to say they LOVE the gesture and LOVE the charms.

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