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Cb passover plate
CB backbend small
cb vase man

Cb jug man

CB chip n dip

Well..... have we tempted you with these beautiful pieces by International South African designer Carrol Boyes? I bet we have!

Seeing as its wedding season upon us! I wanted to offer you some options that might not be on the Bride's wedding registry. These incredible artistic gift ideas are on special order only at Platters and Pearls. The container arrives in America hopefully by the end of May. We are pre -selling into the order as these pieces are sure to fly out of stock very quickly. So, if you want to purchase a piece or two, please reply back to this blog or at to reserve yours today. We will require prepayment and will happily send you an invoice to pay safely and easily.

For your patience, we are happy to offer 20% off these prices which is an awesome deal and our standard $10 ship fee applies to this range too.. another reason to grab these beauties.


Passover Seder Plate Tree of Life: $165.00 with discount $132

Centerpiece Backbend: $350.00 with discount $280

Vase Man standing: $375 with discount $300

Water Jug Man: $375 with discount $300

(Carrol's favorite gift to give- watch the video below)

Chip N Dip Laid Back: $450 with discount $360

Information on the designer:

Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of the The Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd retailer in Cape Town. She is an iconic South African designer. Her designs are artistic and unique, and have succeeded in putting South Africa on the International design map.

Carrol Boyes is a fine arts graduate with a major in sculpture from the University of Pretoria. She was initially an English teacher, until at the age of 35 she decided to live her dream of being an artist. She began making crafts from her home in a seaside suburb of Cape Town in 1989. Her aim was to combine sculpture with functionality and the result is a range of absolutely gorgeous home ware and table-top accessories.

Today, Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd is a woman-owned business and a multi-cultural organisation that supports gender empowerment both within and out of its infrastructure. The Carrol Boyes brand is recognized as an icon both locally and internationally.

And lastly take the time to click on this You Tube Video about Carrol Boyes.

It is so interesting and you will SEE why we are so proud of our South African Designer, Carrol Boyes.

Carrol Boyes- The inside story

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