Corporate gift giving and Platters and Pearls- a match made in heaven

We know that gift giving is an important business opportunity and we want to help you maximize your efforts.

Its THAT time of year when you need to start thinking about holiday gifts. Its especially important if you run a business or your spouse/partner runs one. Appreciating your clients is a MUST. And to stand out among the crowds of Costco gift baskets and Starbucks gift cards is an art that we are happy to say we are GOOD at.

No matter how large or small your list is AND no matter the size of your budget we will promise to create a unique BUNDLE made just for you. We are already in the thick of things here at Platters and Pearls and we are HAVING A GREAT TIME. I must say it is my most favorite task, to create a perfect bundled gift JUST FOR YOU.

So please contact us and pass this on to someone who you think would need our services. Hand off this task to us. We will care about your clients as much as you do.

We will source, purchase, co-ordinate and gift wrap. All you have to do is call us and we will GET TO WORK!

Hey! and if you need help with your personal list.. reach out.. we would be honored to help you.

zara cell is 858-967-0091

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