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BEST CAKE LIFTER EVER! and a genius baking HACK

Cake Box Hack

Hi there. Here’s a great “hack” I found on Pinterest. If you try this let us know please. Pinterest is so fun. Follow me there too at

I couldn't resist also showcasing this $15 aluminum cake lifter. It is an insanely good price and the best lifter I have ever owned. I adore the large lifter head and use it when I serve salmon or any fish. Its amazing as a cake lifter ( duh!) and for any lifting you need to do " foodwise"

What a great hostess gift for you to store in your" gift closet" we love it for a birthday gift too. If you are traveling and need a gift for your family, or friends, take this light and useful gift along with you. Beats trying to find flowers or chocs on your vacation, right?

It will come gift wrapped and ready to GIVE

12" long. It is a substantial serving piece and very beautiful as a gift.

Cake Lifter

Cake Lifter

Cake Lifter

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