For the DUDE in your life

Dude Acai bracelets

Acai seed Bracelets for Men

Made from ACAI beads harvested from the Amazon Rainforest, these awesome DUDE gifts are exotic, natural and wondrous

Acai Stretchy Bead bracelets for men

ACAI Beads are filled with potent anti-oxidants and energizing health benefits

Brown Acai Bracelets

Shown here in BROWN, each bead is a seed and is designed by Mother Nature herself! ( my college son chose this one)

Each one has a silver "globe" bead in the center. The BLACK shown here is classic, timeless and CHIC

ACAI ( AAH SIGH YEE) the wonder-fruit, grows on ACAI palms in South and Central America. The GREY bracelet is neutral and my husband is wearing this one.

ALL these bracelets are available in limited quantities on

NEED lots of these? Contact me for special ordering

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