Teacher Gifts.. hurry the school year is nearly over

Sometimes our teachers see more of our kids than we do and while I am sure this is not entirely true, they do get the kids at the times in the day that they are most responsive and engaging. All of us can remember our most beloved and inspiring teachers and I know that some of your kids have had that experience this year. So why not send in a little something special to show your appreciation.

my kids and their teachers looong ago

I have had the pleasure to speak to many teachers over the years (they are customers too) and I always ask.. what do you like to get? they overwhelmingly say a personal card written by the kid is a true blessing. They keep all of them in special boxes etc. They also love small mementos and "easy to use in the classroom" gifts. Accessories are good as they can wear them to school and useful gifts for the summer holidays are appreciated.

( These are my boys at school with their awesome teachers, a long time ago!)

So here are a few items that are in stock and ready to ship out asap from us at Platters and Pearls.

Visit our web site at www.plattersandpearls.com and start shopping.

If you are in San Diego, feel free to contact me at 858-967-0091. Let's set up a time to stop by and choose all your gifts with me

We will ship out right away and we always use guaranteed 2 day shipping options. All gifts arrive gift wrapped and ready to give

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