BEST SELLERS: Blog #1:Beaten aluminum platter with handles.

Beaten Aluminum tray with handles Medium size 14"

Platter with handles with berries and chocolates
Platters with handles on food buffet table for a 50th tea party

Beaten Aluminum tray with Handles on a side board with decanters

This beaten aluminum tray is a BEST seller at Platters and Pearls and has stood the test of time for sure, It is well priced at $55 and is a perfect engagement or wedding gift. Other pieces in this range are a larger matching tray, some dip bowls to use on the trays and a wine coaster for besides the tray. A salad bowl is also pat of this versatile and popular range.

I wanted to write a few blogs highlighting our very best sellers as we are sure you would want to know. This is the first in our best seller series. watch out for some more coming soon.

Time is precious and why ponder on the perfect gift when we can lay it out for you. So easy and that's what we strive for here at Platters and Pearls. Gift giving is important and we want you to trust us.

I used my set at my 50th birthday tea, see pics above. What a HIT! OMG we sold so many after that tea.. a nice side benefit. lol The tray with the decanter is from a customer who had just repainted and redecorated. She was so thrilled with the finishing touch!

This product is not always in stock so act FAST and get yours today.

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