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Three unique graduation gifts prices from $55 to $18

Graduation is fast approaching and giving your favorite graduate a perfect gift is a BIG thing.. so lets get started. Shop these three items at

1) OK so if your graduate is into Jewelry.. lets give her something meaningful and beautiful. How about this beautiful hamsa necklace. Its a protection symbol that is meaningful and special and that makes it the perfect gift.

2) Or.. what about these beautiful mugs. Meaningful and useful. A great combination for a winning gift.

3) I love these lucky penny tassel stretchy bracelets too. I am sure your graduate will love this as well. Thoughtful and chic.

The card reads

“This is my lucky penny, one I’d like to give to you. It will not only bring you luck, but help to see you through, those times when you feel stuck, or just a little blue.

Whenever you feel you’re in a situation where you just can’t win, pull out this Lucky Penny and make a simple wish.

With this Lucky Penny in the palm of your hand, you will not only have good fortune, You will have, a simple friend.”


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