Frank Lloyd Wright, my passion and a new range of tea towels!

At Platters and Pearls, we are proud to announce a new range of tea towels inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. As many of you might not know I have been obsessed with FLW for many years. He was a very famous American architect in the 50's and not surprisingly, his designs are still incredibly current and modern today. He not only built the houses but also went on to design and build the furniture and all the accessories. So when I came across these gold and silver foiled tea towels inspired by FLW.. you must know that I jumped all over it! The one set of tea towels we have is called TILES and it is inspired by the Tree of Life stained glass window from the Darwin D. Martin house in Buffalo New York. Here are some photos of the house and the windows. I really hope you guys find this as interesting as I do. I will blog on the other tea towel soon.

Our tea towels are silver or gold foiled and make the most beautiful and unique gift for anyone. Art lovers and design obsessed friends will love them too

I have a cool board on PINTEREST so be sure to check it out to see loads more pics.

If you want to read more about FLW but prefer a lighter approach, read the fiction book called "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. I sourced it on Amazon if you want to go ahead and read it. It is a fictional story based on his life and tells his story through the eyes of his mistress.

This is the original stained glass window that inspired our tea towels.

The original FLW Wwndow that inspired our tea towels

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