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Rebirth of a gift business

My Sons and I. Jacob (19) and Eli (16)

Well.. it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks and so much to say. However, it has been FUN! Over the last few years, I had lost the sparkle and joy that this gift business had always brought me. At the beginning of this year circumstances arose that forced me to change the name of my business. After pouting for a few days ( ok a few weeks!.. ok a few months..) I decided to test the waters and search for a new name. I was so excited to come up with Platters and Pearls. It was just the thing I needed to ignite a new spirit in me.

So I wrote down a list of why my customers shop at me

1) My customers like me

2) They love my product ranges

3) They feel like I am really listening. If I don't have the product, I will find it. It is one of my favorite things to do.

4) I treat my customers like gold and will go out of my way to make sure everyone is happy

5) I stand behind the quality of my products

6) I gift wrap for free.

7) My prices are reasonable and fair

8) I search the world for beautiful artistic products

9) I let my customers into my world. They become my friends who know me and my family.

10) I often give my clients gifts and discounts.

This list has become the base for my new master plan to relaunch Platters and Pearls and so far....

a) I designed a new logo and gift wrap program to brand Platters and Pearls Gift Store

b) I have created an easy to use (and upkeep) web site that incorporates my Facebook and Instagram pages at

c) I have studied online and taken incredibly useful webinars with social media leaders.

And now, each day I wake up with a renewed sense of delight and purpose...

From Platters to Pearls, I welcome you with open arms and a grateful heart.

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