Relaunching as Platters and Pearls- Gift Store

Welcome to our new and updated version of what is now formally known as Shop with Zara. Due to unforeseen circumstances and as it now appears, a blessing in disguise, we had to rename our business. After a LONG search for the perfect name I settled on Platters and Pearls Gift Store. Catchy hey!

Firstly, we are unique in our gift offerings and now we are unique in our name too.

Secondly, it explains clearly that we are a gift store.. duh! and we carry gift items that range from housewares (Platters) all the way through to jewelry ( Pearls). It does not limit us to what we carry ( that's a good thing too) and we love the alliteration of the P's.. perfect right?

Thirdly, its a great chance for me to reinvent the web site and link it to social media which is such a great platform for me. I love to show off our new items instantly and Facebook and Instagram have always allowed me to do that. You can shop on all our platforms and we are so excited to get your feedback and see what you will be purchasing.

Its such a thrill to announce our relaunch and welcome you to Platters and Pearls


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