• Maintain Hygiene – Are you looking for an innovative tool that will ensure that you maintain high levels of hygiene even when using common contact surfaces? Then try one of our social distancing tools for 2020. This tool allows you to avoid contact with common contact surfaces such as door knobs and ATM machines.
  • Multi-purpose Tools – This tool will serve you for a myriad of purposes among them; opening doors, filling your entries at an ATM machine and gas station. It also comes with a stylus nib to help you operate sign-in tablet devices and other mobile devices. You can also use it as a bottle opener in public places.
  • Easy To Use – The tool is easy to use and you only need to wrap it around the door you want to open and just pull or push to open. Moreover, it is not easy to lose as it can be attached to your key easily.
  • Perfect Gift – Are you thinking of a gift that you can present to your friends during these uncertain times? Then try one of these safety tools that also comes with a Hamsa hand and evil eye design card. This card helps to remind you of the need to stay vigilant as they are universal protection symbols. At the back of the card is also a space to fill in the TO and FROM information when gifting a friend.
  • Dual Pack – The pack comes with two of these tools inside of it to allow you buy one for a friend or family member as well. Additionally, this gives you value for your money.

Social Distancing Anti- Touch Utility Tool with Stylus Nib -set of two