Capacity: This is the ideal packing cube set for organizing your carry-on luggage. You can comfortably pack 5-8 days worth of clothes with this set alone. Use the large cube for your bottoms, the medium cube for your tops/blouses and the small cube for your undies/socks/loungewear. Use the extra small cube as a clear toiletry pouch. I use this set in my large check in bags too. Can't travel without them. 


This Travel Cube Set is Recommended For:

  • Solo Travelers - Use our four size cubes for organizing either your luggage or backpack!

  • Couples Sharing a Checked Bag - No arguments necessary when each person has a Starter Set in their own color!

  • Families With Children - Each member of the family can travel with their own color Starter Set for easy organization and less work for parents packing and unpacking the kids.

  • Frequent Flyers - If you travel “carry on only,” you’ll love the Starter Set! You’ll be able to easily see what you packed in your suitcase.

EZ packing cubes starter set Black

SKU: EZstarterblack
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