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Local San Diego Open Hours- Updated Daily

February 2023
Wednesday 8th: 3pm-6pm 

Let us know you have arrived by Texting to 858-967-0091 when you get here 

OR....Contact Us to make an Appointment to stop by at your convenience. 

Make someone's day

Make someone's day

Some reasons to give our Metal Phones Charms as gifts

Surprise them

Surprise them

We all love to feel spoilt

They will think of you

They will think of you

We look at our phones a lot!

Make someone Happy

Make someone Happy

Brighten up someone's day

Be there for them

Be there for them

As we navigate life, we all need our " person"

Cheer up!

Cheer up!

Life is hard sometimes, small gestures help!

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Platters and Pearls Gift store online also showcases some of our unique jewelry designs you can only find here on our web site. I love designing pieces that I love to wear and hope you agree!

Metal Phone Charms, is a subsidiary of Platters and Pearls Gift Store, that offers a NEW and EXCITING range of metal sticker decorations for cell phones, laptops, iPad's and computers. In fact, these awesome and unique metal sticker charms can be used on so many other places too.  How about your interior car dashboard or the side of your baby's Stroller or Crib ( out of baby's site of course). Maybe on your doorpost of your bedroom or on your Presentation folder. These Metal phone Charms are the perfect gift to give for any occasion. 

They are peel and stick and are removable and reusable.

We use our phones and electronic devices ALL DAY, so lets make them cool and unique and show our personalities to the world. 

I Hope you will love our unique products so much that you might end up keeping some of the  "gifts" you buy.  


Gifts to law against that!





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I can't go anywhere without someone asking me where I got the charms. Now everyone wants them. They are incredible and make lovely gifts!! order more than one because you'll want more!!

I just bought another set for a friend who has been admiring mine. I just love these phone charms! A fun way to accessorize and add a little pizzazz to your phone/ iPad/ laptop

I bought it for myself, but my adult male cousin took them and wanted them for himself!! They are that nice that a man even wanted it on his phone. They are small, sleek, and line up perfectly on a phone. I am not going to wait to buy for myself as a "treat" when I get a new phone.
These are terrific thinking of you gifts, and I was really really really happy with my purchase!!!!

Love the aesthetic of them! They stick well and do not fall off. Can even be reapplied to other cases and still retain their stickiness. Super dope


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